60% Rise in falls from height in construction

Latest accident figures show a worrying 60% increase in falls from height in construction. The accident figures cover a three month period from May to July and were released by consultants at Building Safety Group from data provided by the groups 20,000 construction worker members.
Paul Kimpton, managing director of The Building Safety Group, said: “While a number of health & safety areas have improved, the areas that are the most serious and cause the most lasting damage have risen.
“These figures prove that there is no room for complacency in construction.  People have a right to go to work and return home in the same state of health that they left in the morning.
“However we all have a responsibility to make sure that people work safely, not only employers, but everyone on a site has responsibility to make sure that they are working in a way that is in line with good practice and good health & safety guidelines, and that they flag up anything they see that it dangerous.”