Fall Arrest Systems

Established in 1992 and with a host of high profile clients such as Chelsea Football Ground, CSS Worksafe's mission is to provide customers with up to date advice on Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems.
Millions of pounds are spent annually because of accidental falls that can result in injuries, ongoing suffering and rehabilitation, medical costs, loss of man-hours, damage to equipment and other costs related to deaths and injuries. 
CSS Worksafe has Fall Arrest and Fall Protection solutions to elevate the costly repercussions that a fall from height can have! They work on all arrears of Height safety to ensure a reduction in workplace fall injuries and fatalities throughout the UK, and are continuously informing managers and those in charge of health and safety in the workplace how to implement fall arrest and fall protection strategies to improve the culture of work safety.
Falls from heights are a huge factor in work place injuries and deaths. Falls from ladders are common, but many accidents that we see reported in the news could be avoided if the appropriate equipment and training were in place. 
CSS Worksafe conduct site surveys and then offer advice on the unique fall protection, fall arrest and ladder safety equipment as well as training that your company may need.  
CSS Worksafe provide fall protection equipment, for multiple person access such as roof edge protection systems and Kingspan Safetraxx Rail as well as individuals such as the  fall arrest system for portable ladders.
CSS Worksafe adheres to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 along with European Union Health and Safety Directives. The company ensures that its legal obligations are effectively applied with all the businesses they work with. CSS Worksafe are accredited and well established in the UK Market for Fall Arrest and Fall Prevention Systems.