Access Ladder Kit

CSS Worksafe strive to provide the best height safety advice and training, equipment and installations in the UK.
One key product to maintain working safely at heights is by using the access ladder kit. It is a safe and simple
to install modular ladder system that consists of components that bolt together to form a compliant ladder.

All components are compliant with BS4211; components are durable and lightweight aluminium and all
the fixings are manufactured from stainless steel. The Ladder kit is easy to assemble and install.There
is no need for heavy lifting equipment or cranes.

We can deliver direct to site in a flat pack form complete with comprehensive installation instructions.
Minimal tools are required and the convenience of the modular ladder system eliminates the need for
site specific construction drawings. The system is flexible to your site needs. What this means is that
using a combination of modular ladder system components and hoops, any height of ladder can be
produced to solve most access issues.

Access Ladders can be provided as the product only or we at CSS have an experienced installations
team that can put it together on site with ease. Contact CSS Worksafe’s team on 0800 783 0757
or email or click here: