Kingspan Safeside Edge Protection System

CSS Worksafe is proud to supply an extensive range of fall arrest protection systems for use on all types of roofing and various overhead and vertical applications. We have scoured the market for the best devices so our customers can get the equipment they need to work safely and efficiently. Every product we offer has been tested and is certified for use.
Safeside is a cost effective perimeter protection system designed to prevent access to the edge of roofs thereby minimising the risk of a fall. The system has been specially created to be compatible with Kingspan roofing panels and to minimise the pressure and load placed on them when working on the roof. Other systems are ineffective and can even cause damage to the insulated panels. 
Safeside can be used on flat roofing as well as on suspended ceilings. It is an incredibly flexible system designed to be usable on any roof layout, regardless of the size, without affecting accessibility. Installation is very easy and can be completed within a very short space of time. Our expert team can even provide onsite training so you know how to install barriers efficiently and maximise safety.
The barriers are made from high grade steel to make them very strong and durable. Care has been taken to ensure that they are protected against corrosion so you can expect a long service life. The advanced fixing design means installers don't require access to the underside of the roof. It also helps to minimise the amount of damage caused when fitting the barriers. The insulated panels aren't penetrated so there are no concerns about damages or leaks developing.
The Safeside system is compliant with EN 13374: Class A so it is safe to use on all roofs with sloping surfaces up to 10 degrees. It is also certified under ISO 9001 and OHSAS/ISO 18001. Each barrier is covered by the Kingspan guarantee so you can expect superior long term performance. At CSS Worksafe we take quality very seriously and only provide products that are proven to be the best in their category.
If you're looking for a safe roofing perimeter system that is compatible with Kingspan Safeside is the only one that delivers the right level of protection. CSS Worksafe is proud to supply the system and help clients to design a safe and effective solution for their needs.