ABS Safety LaddFix Ladder Safety Device

Ladders are an ancient tool with a basic design that has changed very little throughout the years. This is in part due to their tacit usefulness. The only real advances have been in safety, access and storage. Extensible ladders, a great variation of the original, allow us to work in very high and difficult to reach places. While they certainly have been around for a very long time, using a ladder still poses considerable risk. Statistically it is one of the most common causes of accidents.
The ABS LaddFix is a product specially designed to prevent ladders from slipping or tipping when in use. Installation of the device is permanent, and creates a safe access point to a specific area.
If you are using any other accident preventative product that is affixed to the roof, it is recommended that the ABS LaddFix is placed in close proximity to it. This way, when work is going to be carried out access is easier and safer, minimising risk.
The ABS LADD Fix is made out of quality galvanised steel. This means that the steel has been coated with molten zinc, which upon reacting with oxygen and carbon dioxide creates a further corrosion resistant surface with added strength. It is ideal for use outdoors and inside, and can withstand temperatures of up to 200 Celsius. 
This device is suitable to be attached either to rain gutters or on concrete walls. To install it on a rain gutter you will need an adaptor and 2 clamps. To affix it on concrete you need 4 dowels. The product comes with a complete installation kit with parts suitable for both instances.
It is important to note that the ABS LADD Fix is safety support to keep ladders in place. The weight of the person must be supported by the ladder's inclination on the wall and not the support itself. Hanging the ladder directly on the support might cause unnecessary strain on the gutter, which in turn might get damaged or snap off altogether.
The ABS LaddFix has a universal design to make it suitable for use with any type of ladder. As with all products designed for use in risk prone situations, we recommend that the manufacturers' manual is carefully read and understood before installation and use. It contains helpful and clear illustrations for your benefit.
Your safety and that of anybody else working on a ladder are of the utmost importance to us. Should you have any queries or require additional information, call CSS Worksafe at 0800 783 0757 or send us a message to info@cssworksafe.com