Pole / Lighting Column Ladder Restraint & Fall Arrest Safety System

The ladder safety system is safe and easy to use with any timber, aluminium or glass reinforced ladder and pole combination. 
A must for any Telecoms Engineer, Highways Agency Engineer, CCTV Installer or any operative that has a requirement to access and work on poles / lighting columns via a ladder.
  • Quickly secures the ladder to lighting columns and telegraph poles before climbing.
  • Prevents slipping of the ladder at the base.
  • Provides protection against falls from height, whilst climbing and at the work position.
  • Provides a means of support at the work position, safely allowing use of both hands for the job.
  • Ideal for lone working. In the event of a fall the user can quickly and easily self-rescue.
A 90° version of the Lighting Collar is available that allows the system to be used against the corners of buildings or steel structures. Ideal for CCTV installations where cameras are often mounted adjacent to the corner of a building.
Pole / Lighting Column Ladder Restraint & Fall Arrest Safety System Kit
Comprising of:
  • 2 Point Full Body Harness
  • 10Mtr Kermantle Rope & Manuchroche Connector
  • LadderFix Lighting Collar
  • SKR Rope Grab & Twistlock Karabiner
  • Cowstail Webbing Lanyard
  • Ladder Securing Strap
  • Girder Sling
  • Kit Bag
ONLY £351.74 + VAT