Roof Ladder Restraint & Fall Arrest Safety System

The roof ladder restraint and fall arrest system provides a means of securely restraining the ladder, preventing it from slipping out at the bottom or sideways at the top, and from losing contact with the surface it is resting on. In addition it provides a means of work positioning, providing support to an operative that needs two hands to work from the ladder and of arresting a fall.
Originally developed for the Aerial & Satellite industry the system has been in use for over a decade. It is the 'minimum legally compliant standard' for which ladders can be used for the installation of satellite dishes and aerials.
The 'roof ladder safety system' has applications outside of the field of aerial and satellite dish installation and is extensively used by housing associations, property repair companies, gas and heating engineers, renewable energy installers, roofers and more.
  • Provides a safe means of access when working on pitched roofs.
  • Provides protection against falls from height from ground up.
  • Provides third point of contact when working from a ladder allowing use of two hands to work.
  • Self rescue system is ideal for lone working.
  • Quick and easy to set up within minutes.
  • Works with any EN 131 or BS 2037 Class 1 extension ladder and roofers ladder combination.

Roof Ladder Restraint & Fall Arrest Safety System Kit

Comprises of:

  • 2 Point Full Body Harness
  • 10Mtr Kernmantle Rope & Manuchroche Connector
  • 8Mtr Kernmantle Rope & Manuchroche Connector
  • SKR Rope Grab & Twistlock Karabiner
  • Cowstail Webbing Lanyard
  • Ladder Securing Straps
  • Removable Ladder Tie Bolts
  • Kit Bag

ONLY £256.00 + vat