ABS Safety ABS-Lock OnTop Fall Protection Anchor Point

The ABS-Lock OnTop® system that we offer at CSS Worksafe was specifically designed to be used on bitumen roofs and roofs with synthetic membrane sheeting. This product is one of the latest technologies in fall arrest solutions and can provide you with extremely reliable protection for up to three people.

Not only is it extremely reliable but it's also easy to assemble too. In contrast to other systems where damage is sometimes caused to the roof membrane in installation, the Lock OnTop has specifications to fuse without damage. It doesn't even need any additional weights to keep it down, meaning you maximise the space in your work area and keep transport costs down to a minimum. 
As an employer it is your duty and responsibility to keep your employees safe whilst working. Failure to do this may result in unwanted legal battles and also means that you will not be in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974. This states that the health, safety, and welfare of persons at work must be secured. 
For many companies this may only go as far as using personal protective equipment. When you're working on roofs and at heights however, you need something a little more comprehensive. Our top of the line fall protection including our ABS-Lock OnTop® is perfect for this reason.
To ensure that you can carry out work all year round and not experience any trouble, the ABS-Lock OnTop® system has been thoroughly tested and examined. Roofs are exposed to a range of different weather conditions and it is important that you know your items will work in these circumstances. 
The system was cooled to -30°C and up to +70°C to see how it handles itself in different temperatures, and passed successfully. Doing this complies with current EN 795 and prEN 795 standards and certifies the systems can handle the weather pressure. The weight of three people has also been extensively tested so you can be confident it will withstand the weight of your workers simultaneously. 
CSS Worksafe is one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist fall protection equipment and has been for many years. As well as our fall protection equipment we also offer a variety of other items that can enhance work in construction as efficiently as possible including access systems, equipment, inspections, site surveys, training, and more.
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