Kingspan Safetraxx Rail Fall Protection System

Despite the great improvements in both health and safety laws and the efforts of companies to substantially improve the wellbeing and security of staff, it sadly remains the case that far too many people are falling from high buildings in the UK. Getting accurate figures on the topic is not straightforward, but all available information suggests that over 2400 people fall to their death each year, with it usually being the case that the falls could have been avoided with the use of the appropriate safety equipment. 
Products which provide the most robust and reliable level of safety for people working on roofing or in elevated areas are available at CSS Worksafe. One of the leading choices is the Safetraxx system, which meets and exceeds the requirements of EN 795: D. The system is recognized as being one of the most resilient available, with the high grade extruded aluminium railing providing reliable long term service. 
Everything about Safetraxx has been designed to maximise safety and security. The design makes it compatible with a wide range of Kingspan insulated roof panels. The connectivity of the system to the panels is as streamlined and unobtrusive as possible, ensuring it carries both the look that you want in place whilst also not causing an obstacle or barrier to those working on the roof. Allowing access and freedom of movement when working is, of course, as essential as ensuring the safety and security of those who work at an elevated level. 
That the Safetraxx system is streamlined to give the optimal appearance should not be taken as an indication of it being in any way weak or brittle. This is far from the case, with the equipment designed to work under all testing conditions. Safetraxx has been tested - and shown to work - even when strong winds, heavy rain and snowfall have all been elements which workers have had to face on rooftops. As it is resistant to corrosion, the system also has a long lifespan.
Adopting a fall protection system is an effective means of significantly reducing the risk associated with working on our around roofing, providing an enhanced level of security that does not negatively impact on the ability to work freely. Harnessing the benefits of Safetraxx will aid in reducing the risk of workplace injuries as a result of falling from heights.
At CSS Worksafe we are proud to supply the Safetraxx system and help our clients to ensure they have the best selection of fall arrest protection in place.