RoofSafe Cable Fall Arrest System

A roof top fall arrest system designed to eliminate or substantially reduce the risk of injury and death to operatives working at height whilst ensuring the integrity of the structure to which it is attached.
In the event of a fall, the RoofSafe Anchor breaks open, deploying the unique and patented SpiraTech Force Management Technology energy absorbing system. The reduced forces transfered to the roof structure are less than 6kN, the lowest of any of its kind currently on the market. This allows the anchor to be installed on a wide variety of old and new roof types without risk to structural integrity.
The RoofSafe Anchor can be used to facilitate the installation of a horizontal lifeline system that allows continuous access to all areas of a roof.
  • Unigrab attachment device by passes intemediate support posts providing continuous hands free access, without the need to disconnect from the system.
  • Allows for connection of multiple workers.
  • 12mtr spans between intermediate anchors, minimising roof penetrations.
  • RoofSafe Anchor delivers reduced thermal bridging when used in flat roof applications, helping to comply with building regulations and saving energy.
  • Electropolished components provide long term corrosion resistance.
  • Works perfectly with 'Green' roofing systems.