SafePro 2 Fall Arrest System for Kingspan Roofs

At CSS Worksafe we strive to stock the perfect range of fall arrest equipment to suit every type of roofing material. The SafePro 2 is the only fall protection system tested and approved for use on Kingspan insulated panels and other products. The product was developed because existing systems failed to provide an appropriate level of protection. In many cases they even caused damage to the roofing material due to high loads. 
The SafePro 2 is certified under the latest safety guidelines and regulations including BS EN 795. The device features a strong steel cable and durable roof anchor posts. Its design has been specially created to maximise anchoring whilst also minimising the risk of damaging roofing materials. The special force minimisation technology limits the load on the anchor point and the panel it is attached to. This dramatically increases safety whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of damage to materials.
With SafePro 2 you don't need to worry about being left with holes in the roof from anchoring fall arrest equipment. It is fitted using small rivets rather than long bolts. The large base helps to spread weight and minimise load so you can use smaller anchoring products. A few carefully placed rivets and the device is sturdy and ready to use. 
SafePro 2 is specially developed for use with Kingspan. It can be installed without needing to access the underside of the roof, making setting up a great deal easier. The product has a horizontal life-line system that helps to protect roof integrity whilst also delivering the best standard of fall protection. It can be used on all Kingspan roofing products and will provide secure fixing and long term use.
CSS Worksafe is proud to stock the SafePro 2 and offer it alongside our other top of the range fall arrest equipment. The device provides an all-in-one solution for any type of roofing made from Kingspan products. Installing it is simple but the final fit before use should be checked by an approved specialist. 
If you're looking for effective fall protection equipment we are happy to supply it for you. The SafePro 2 has been specially developed and extensively tested to ensure it provides the best level of support. On top of that it is also available at affordable prices. To find out more or order yours today please contact CSS Worksafe. We have the experience to help you select the right devices.