Uni16 Horizontal Fall Arrest System

It is a reasonably straightforward observation to make that the greatest risk factor facing steeplejacks and roofing contractors is that of falling from a height. Providing the proper, reliable level of safeguards and protection against accidental falls is a vital matter, but ensuring the correct safety measures are in place is not always as straightforward as the risk of falling is. Depending on the type of the work being undertaken, and indeed the nature of the structure being worked on, different safety measures need to be used for different circumstances. At CSS Worksafe we are committed to delivering the most adaptable and reliable safety equipment to assure against accidental, often fatal falls. 
The Uni16 Fall Protection System was designed with a mind to provide the optimal level of security for those working on older structures. These are typically buildings where, to protect the ageing structural integrity of them, penetrating the walls to implement safety harness support either needs to be avoided or is just not permissible. Whilst modern buildings tend to be designed in a way that incorporates elements to allow safety harnesses to be attached, very few buildings prior to the 1960s feature this. For these cases, the Uni16 Fall Protection System is designed to attach and lock into existing features of these older buildings. The system has the flexibility to be connected to concrete, steelwork or brickwork without the need to penetrate the structural surface to secure safety.
The lockable anchors on this fall protect system, coupled with the cabling and support brackets, also allow for multiple workers to use the device. As a number of older buildings requiring work and maintenance have appearances and qualities that prevent numerous devices being attached, this provides an advantageous and preferable solution. The reduced number of moving parts within the Uni16 Fall Protection System also serves to allow for hands free operation, and significantly limits the margin and potential for operation failure. 
At CSS we take great pride in being able to supply and provide the Uni16 Fall Protection System. It has a peerless, unrivalled status in the world of safety and security protection due to the adaptive abilities of it. This fall protection safeguard system is used globally, which underlines that the durability and protection of the system is assured of working under all environmental and climate conditions.