Uni8 Horizontal Fall Arrest System

Workplaces are considered to be at height if someone could be injured from a fall, even if it's at or below ground level. Because of this, all work carried out at some form of height must be assessed for risks. It in most instances it is appropriate to use fall protection equipment to safeguard employees and the general public. 
The Uni-8 Horizontal Lifeline System is one of the finest fall protection systems in the industry. It can be implemented to control hazards and ensure compliance with current legislation/regulations. It's well suited for a number of projects including modern buildings and refurbishments, also offering versatility for a wide range of other applications too. Uni-8 is simple, yet comprehensive as well as being cost-effective, robust and functional.
The Uni-8 Horizontal Lifeline System can span up to 12m typically between supporting brackets meaning that it can be adapted into most situations. Its excellent functionality is shown through the free-flowing bypass capability allowing it to navigate corners and contours of buildings with no issue. The Uni-8 was designed in a way so that it contained a minimal amount of moving parts to ensure long life expectancy, minimal maintenance and low cost ownership. 
There are many benefits to using this system that will offer you great returns on your investment. One of them is the fact that it is made of the highest grade materials including a 316 stainless steel cable for freedom of movement. The safety line is strong and incredibly durable so it will last a long time. The Uni-8 is also a discreet and unobtrusive solution so you will have the highest amount of protection available. It meets current international product standards and has been extensively tested in accordance with EN795.
The Uni-8 Horizontal Lifeline System is one of the best pieces of fall protection equipment that you can invest in, offering both modern technology and affordability. The cutting edge design allows for maximum safety to be ensured 100% of the time. The high grade materials used for its construction provide durability and security. 
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