UniRail Horizontal Fall Arrest System

The UniRail™ horizontal fall arrest system is a rigid, extruded aluminium rail system that provides an extremely aesthetically pleasing and functional solution to modern fall protection problems. The system provides a continuous attachment where a fall hazard exists via a four wheel carriage. The system can be used as a proactive restraining system for multiple users, as a fall arrest system for two users and as an abseiling system for such activities as window cleaning.
The modern UniRail™ system has been designed to facilitate ease of installation and to allow for thermal expansion and contraction during seasonal temperature variations. This is achieved by way of anchorages that when fixed to a structure allow the rail to float.
The UniRail™ system can be formed to accommodate changes of gradient and direction in both axis of the rail extrusion, facilitating changes in direction and ensuring continuous attachment and total functionality.
Two types of rail fixing system are offered and specialist fixing applications can be accommodated following consultation.
Concealed Fix - The Concealed Fix System loses a little installation simplicity to greater aesthetic appeal, The anchorages and joints of the system can be fixed to the structure so that the fasteners cannot be seen. The anchorages are fitted to the structure before the rail is slid into position.
Slide Fix - The Slide Fix System provides maximum installation flexibility because the fasteners are left exposed. This means that the anchorages can be slid onto the rail and the whole rail section, including the anchorages can be offered up to the structure, for marking, drilling and fixing. For system maintenance and inspections, the fasteners remain exposed enabling maintenance engineers to conduct pull out tests or check that torque settings remain at the correct level.
The UniRail™ Systems can be used to provide a safety solution for a wide variety of access problems, such as window cleaning, vehicle access, gutter cleaning and specialised access problems such as water treatment tanks and other cylindrical vessels or structures. The UniRail™ System can also be used as a suspended access system.