Closed Track Overhead Fall Arrest System

Closed track fall arrest systems have one major advantage over fall arrest systems that utilise a tensioned cable. The advantage is that they do not deflect, when loaded. This lack of deflection makes a closed track overhead fall arrest system the preferred choice where clearance under the fall arrest system is reduced.
The closed track is used in combination with a wheeled trolley and fall arrest block. The closed track can be further combined with additional rails to provide fall protection over a wide area, without the need to install multiple systems. The user can remain connected whilst working over a large area, providing exceptional freedom of movement without the risk of swing-fall. Swing fall can occur when the user moves away from an anchor point that is fixed directly overhead.
Where adequate overhead structure is not available closed track fall arrest systems can be installed in combination with a fixed or moveable gantry.
Closed track overhead fall arrest systems can accomodate multiple users and are ideal for:
  • Lorry sheeting and loading / unloading operations
  • Vehicle workshops
  • Aircraft hangers