Uni16 Overhead Fall Arrest System

The Uni 16 overhead fall arrest system utilises a pre-stretched sythetic cable which is fixed back to structure at either end, in a single span of up to 50 mtrs. Used in combination with a wheeled attachment carriage and a fall arrest block the system provides hands free, uninterupted fall protection.
The unique, pre-stretched synthetic cable delivers reduced deflection when compared with a tensioned stainless steel cable, allowing greater spans.
In line energy absorbers minimise the transfer of loads back to the supporting structure, supporting multiple users.
  • Long, uninterupted spans up to 50mtrs
  • Available in a range of different colours
  • Accomodates multiple users
  • Low deflection.
  • Inline energy absorbers deliver low end loads
  • Does not require overhead supporting structure
  • Tested to EN 795 Class C and CE marked