Uni8 Overhead Fall Arrest System

The Uni-8 overhead fall arrest system consists of a highly tensioned stainless steel cable that spans the work area and is fixed back to structure at both ends via a wide range of anchors. The lifeline system can be supported by intermediate brackets, reducing deflection and loading in the event of a fall and allowing longer spans. The lifeline system also features in-line energy absorbers, greatly reducing the transfer of end loads back to the structure.
The Uni-8 overhead fall protection system can span up to 30 mtrs in a single section and with intermediate cable supports any distance is feasible. The free-running attachment carriage smoothly passes over intermediate supports providing unhindered movement for the user or users. The fall protection system is designed and tested to support multiple workers up to 140kgs each.
Developed to meet the needs of transport and industrial clients the fall protection system is widely used to access and service aircraft, trains, lorries, overhead crane walkways and vehicle loading bays.
  • Available in single or multi-span installations
  • Reduced cable deflection makes the fall arrest system suitable for use where minimal ground clearance is available
  • In-line energy absorbers minimise end loads
  • Electro-polished stainless steel components for extended, long term corrosion resistance
  • Supports multiple workers, up to 140kgs each
  • Smooth running attachment device guarentees unhindered movement for the user
  • Tested to EN 795 Class C and CE marked