DBI-SALA Counterweight / Deadweight Fall Arrest Safety Anchor

A freestanding, reliable fall arrest safety anchor device that does not require fixing.
  • Non-penetrating design reduces the possibilty of damage to roof surface.
  • Features a built in shock absorber further reducing possibility of damage to the roof surface and injury to the user.
  • Rated for fall arrest and restraint applications.
  • Approved for use on concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen membrane, asphalt sanded and asphalt chipping roof types.
  • Can be used on roofs up to a maximum pitch of 5 degrees.
  • Counterweights come with an integral carrying handle and are 20.3kgs each, for easy transportation and quick set up.

Safe and Secure Versatile Anchor The freestanding counterweight anchor provides a safe moveable anchorage point for operatives working on flat or sloping roofs up to 5 degrees in pitch. The anchor can be used to provide personal fall protection in the form of fall restraint or fall arrest and can be used with a choice of lanyards, fall arrest blocks and rope and rope grab combinations.

Non-penetrating Design The anchor is a counterweight type and is simply built up on the working surface without penetrating the roof surface. The weighted blocks are placed into rubber trays that are in turn connected to a shock absorbing anchor. The design reduces the possibility of surface damage, roof leaks and voided roof warranties.

Specialised Load Distributing Design The anchor features a unique shock absorbing system called LEAP™. The LEAP™ anchor point and post has a built in energy absorber that, in the event of a fall, safely deploys in a controlled manner, absorbing the forces generated. This unique design provides additional safety to the user by better distributing the forces to the anchor and the surface on which it is resting. By limiting the distribution of forces in this manner the possibility of damage to the roof is also reduced.

Simple, Quick Installation Due to it's modular design, transportation and installation of the anchor system is simple, fast and efficient. The user will never have to lift more than 20.3Kg and in some instances the complete anchor can be lifted into position by forklift or crane enabling instant use. Please refer to the instruction manual for details.