Mobilok Self Contained Vacuum Anchor Fall Arrest System

The BDI-Sala Mobilok self contained vacuum anchor system provides a fall arrest anchor point on virtually any smooth, non-porous surface by simply flipping a switch and waiting for a green light.

Designed for the attachment of a personal fall protection system, the Mobilok™ can be used as an independent anchor point for one person or as an end anchor for a 2 person temporary horizontal lifeline up to 40mtrs in length.

Available models allow the user to power the anchor device from a self contained compressed air bottle or from a workshop air supply.

  • Leightweight design for easy transportation
  • Built in air bottle for faster installation times, fewer components and greater versatility.
  • Fail safe back-up system and vacuum level indicator for complete reliablity and user confidence.
  • Anti scuff and Skydrol resistant pads ensuring surface damage free attachment.
  • Can be used with temporary synthetic fibre horizontal lifeline system for added mobility. Two and four man versions available.
  • Mobilok™ anchor pads utilise a series of check valves which ensures that the vacuum is maintained if the source of compressed air is lost.
  • ATEX approved for use in potentially explosive environments.
  • General industry and aviation models available.
  • Wide range of accessories.