Protecta Cabloc Vertical Cable Fall Arrest System EN 353-1

Provides a kit form solution to safe access on fixed ladders, poles, lighting towers, chimneys and other vertical structures.

  • The Cabloc Fall Arrest Device can easily be connected or disconnected quickly at any point on the safety line by simply removing the karabiner.
  • The Cabloc Fall Arrest Device automatically follows your movement providing smooth, complete hands-free operation.
  • The Cabloc Fall Arrest Device quickly locks onto the tensioned cable in the event of a fall. With lock off distance of under 300mm loading is kept to a minimum, reducing the potential for injury.
  • The Cabloc Fall Arrest System kit includes a pre-tension indicator disk, ensuring that the correct tension of the safety line is achieved.
  • The Cabloc Fall Arrest System is manufactured from only high quality stainless steel components, ensuring long life and corrosion resistance.
  • The Cabloc Fall Arrest System is easy to install and includes a comprehensive installation manual.
The PROTECTA Cabloc Vertical Life Line Kit is a complete engineered guided-type fall arrest system in the form of an easy to install kit. The fall arrest system is intended for vertical use only and arrests accidental falls whilst ascending or descending fixed ladders on a range of structures. Vertical fall arrest systems can be constructed to suit ladders ranging from 1-30 metres. Kits are available in three standard lengths of 10, 20 and 30 metres and can be adapted to suit the required length on site.
The fall arrest system utilises the Cabloc fall arrest device which can be attached to the cable of the installed system at any point, and connects to the front fall arrest connection point of the users harness via a karabiner, which is included in the kit. The Cabloc fall arrest device travels freely along the cable that is attached to the ladder or pole and if a fall occurs, the fall arrestor locks onto the cable, automatically arresting the fall within 300mm.

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The Cabloc kit offers peace of mind and complete hands-free operation enabling the user to ascend or descend unhindered whilst connected to a fall arrest system at all times.